Tips for buying a new or used car

Buying new or used SUV car

Four things to keep in mind before buying your next car


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If you happen to be one of the top 1% who have a heated garage full of 60 supercars and who prefer buying a car by swiping their AmEx Black card, you needn’t read this post. If you’re from the remaining 99% of the population and you’re looking to buy your first/next car, read on.

Buying a new car is as taxing as it is exciting. While the prospect of bringing a new set of wheels home is a thrilling prospect, the process leading up to that day is a tiring affair. Here are few things you need to keep in mind before taking the plunge.

  1. Whom to ask?

It’s a no-brainer that you’ll be talking to all your friends about what kind of car you should buy but you’re not guaranteed to get right answers every time. Not everyone is a car expert and more often than not people have biases towards car companies and hence you might not end up getting the right advice. In which case, it’s better you do your research with a trusted source like

  1. Who all are going to use the car?

When I say who all are going to use the car, it doesn’t just mean who all are going to drive it; it includes everyone who’s ever going to set foot in the car on a regular basis. Say, if you have a new baby on the way, then you’ll need a car where it’s easy to attach the child’s seat. Or if you travel with your dogs then you’ll need a car where you can fold the back seats and the dogs can be comfortable. Or if you have elderly in your house, a really low sports car might not be the ideal choice.

  1. What will be the purpose of the vehicle?

When you go to buy the car, keep in mind what the car’s going to be used for. A pickup truck is not ideal for grocery and school duty. Likewise, if your daily commute involves lugging heavy equipment, a luxury sedan won’t cut it either. Think about your requirement and accordingly zero in the car segment – pickup truck, van, SUV, sedan, roadster, etc.

  1. What’s your total budget?

Yes, I know it’s obvious that you’ll have a specific budget in mind but I’m not talking about just the car budget. There are a lot of other things expenses as well that you incur once you own a car. Try to calculate how much money you can afford to spend after your car; this includes car tax, insurance, parking, fuel economy, service and maintenance charges. A car’s MSRP might be within your budget but the company’s service charges might be huge as opposed to a car that’s slightly outside your budget but in the long term it’ll be cheaper to run it.


So next time you’re out in the market for a new car, do keep the above four points in mind and don’t forget to do your research. In fact, if you’re still confused, take a look at this list of cars that received Best of 2018 Awards and take your pick.