What’s a Trials Bike?

A low-down on the Trial biking legend Dougie Lampkin’s ride

Out of all the competitive two-wheeler championships, the tools of trade of drag racing and Trials Biking have the most distinct look. Today, we take a look at what’s actually holding up that tiny frame and those giant wheels. Not gum and wire for sure.
Recently, Trial biking’s biggest name, DougieLampkin, landed on the Indian shores to jump over a few everyday obstacles. We put on our spy glasses for a closer inspection of the machine and here are a few questions we were able to answer:
What is it so small compared to regular bikes?
It doesn’t have a big engine and it’s not built for long rides either. It’s built for maneuverability. The lightness and the small size makes it perfect for the riders to fling it around and over the obstacles.
Is there no fuel tank?
Of course, there is. But it’s not a big one like your city bike. As mentioned, it’s not built for long rides. It’s only for trials championship. Hence, a tiny 2.7 liter fuel tank is incorporated in the ‘U’ of the frame.

Why does it not have a seat?
Because, while doing the stunts, the riders doesn’t sit down. A seat will only add unnecessary weight. More importantly, while climbing obstacles, it’s much better to let your legs (knees) cushion the impact than to have your posterior bounce on the seat. You require few feet of play between yourself and the bike while doing stunts; that’s precisely the reason why you see that unusual ‘U’-shaped gap in the frame of the bike.