Best April Fools’ Day pranks

A look at this year’s top 3 April Fools’ jokes from the world of motorsports

It seems like this year, the entire world was on the April Fool bandwagon this year. In fact, I’d say, it was a bit of an overkill when it came of Formula 1. Forums, Facebook groups and Twitter handles were awash with various too-shocking-to-be-true breaking news. From Ferrari replacing Kimi to Honda quitting F1, almost every single fan theory was penned down in the name of April Fool breaking news.


However, there were a few April Fool pranks which really stood out.


1. World Endurance Championship: Ferrari and Ford gets into a bit of a car swap



Ferrari and Ford crews had a bit of a fun themselves when they shocked their drivers by swapping their cars in the garage ahead of the WEC Prologue at Monza. It takes a lot of courage to get the entire team on the act and for them to have their car vulnerable at time when all everyone wants to do is keep their machine and technology secretive. Full points to both the teams!


2. NASCAR: Joey Logano doing a prank call to a fan


Ben, a NASCAR fan from Martinsville, called in to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio and at the other end it was the no. 22 driver Joey Logano. If there was a time when we could forgive someone for talking on phone and driving, this was it. Having said this, this is a guy who drives at 200mph just inches away from concrete wall.


3. F1: Silverstone announcing a reverse track configuration


Jason Plato and David Coulthard explaining the change in track configuration made it look pretty convincing for first few seconds. But they gave it away with the ‘left handed marshal’ training. Nonetheless, full points for going all the way and creating this funny video. And do check out the follow up tweets done by Silverstone in an attempt to cement the prank.


BONUS: Ola Wheels


I know, Ola cabs is nowhere connected to motorsport but their latest prank was interesting enough for petrolheads to take note.



Is there any 1st April prank that really caught your eye? Feel free to share in the comments below.