One-on-one with Daniel Ricciardo

There are two types of Formula 1 drivers: 1. A PR’s nightmare 2. A PR’s sweetheart   PR’s nightmares are the ones who don’t hold anything back. From using expletives during the podium interviews to asking the journalists to ‘buzz off’, they’re as hardcore as they come. The other end of the

CS Santosh: Chasing Rainbows

What's life without the possibility of a seemingly impossible challenge? ~ CS Santosh India: It’s not just a country of a billion people, it’s also a country starved of athletes; and world class Motorsport athletes come few and far between. Hence, with a lack of infrastructure and too few competitive rallies,

Bloodhound SSC: the 1000 mph car

Everything you wanted to know about the 135,000 bhp LSR car that’ll do a mile in 3.6 seconds. Formula 1 has always been considered to be the pinnacle of motorsport. Though, lately, some pundits have argued that World Endurance Championship – where cars are made to run for 24 hours at

In conversation with David Coulthard

We caught up with the F1 legend in the city of Nawabs David Coulthard’s name has been a part of Formula 1 since years now. The closest he came to ultimate glory was in 2001 when he secured as many as 10 podiums and finished only 2nd behind Michael Schumacher. Coulthard

Aras Gibieza’s Indian Summer

European stunt biking champion Aras Gibieza’s love affair with India continues   When we say, stunt biking, we don’t mean the ‘accelerate-hard-in-a-residential-area-and-attract-attention’ kind of stunts most of us are familiar with. Gibieza’s stunts requires special skill and a thorough knowledge of the physics. Every time he lifts his wheel off the ground

Don’t crucify Top Gear

Enough has already been said about the Top Gear vs. Jezza's saga. Despite that, I wish to add my two bits about the topic in this vast ocean of opinions and comments. Let me get the obvious out of the way: I'm a huge Top Gear fan - the show as

The Indian who tamed Dakar: CS Santosh

One in a billion CS Santosh unfurls tiranga at Dakar’s finish line. First Indian to do so. CS Santosh recently eclipsed the epitome of endurance racing – the Dakar. And if you’re unaware of that then you’ve either been living under a rock or a mountain. Over the years, Santosh has

Desert Storm: a piece of cake for Santosh

CS Santosh zips his way to victory at the Desert Storm 2015. But we caught up with him. The name CS Santosh has become synonymous with speed and success. Last 12 months have been uber successful for CS Santosh – the fastest Indian on two wheels. The string of successes

What does it take to win a rally?

We get a low down about rallying from the experienced personnel of Indian rallying fraternity One of the world’s most grueling Motorsport events – Dakar Rally – is underway where an Indian rider CS Santosh is participating for the very first time. While the Bangalore-lad is busy tackling the dirty, gravel