Aras Gibieza: Third Time Lucky

From Salman Khan riding bike to Aras stunting in 43°C, the Gixxer Day tour was an eventful one Aras Gibieza is no stranger to the Indian soil. He toured India twice in 2015 entertaining audiences in nearly a dozen cities; owing to the affection and the fandom that he received during

Aras Gibieza’s Indian Summer

European stunt biking champion Aras Gibieza’s love affair with India continues   When we say, stunt biking, we don’t mean the ‘accelerate-hard-in-a-residential-area-and-attract-attention’ kind of stunts most of us are familiar with. Gibieza’s stunts requires special skill and a thorough knowledge of the physics. Every time he lifts his wheel off the ground

Girl Power comes to Stunt Biking

In conversation with India's Youngest Female Stunt Biker - Anam Hashmi   Anam Hashmi (Image credit: Team Anam Stunts) They say, never judge a book by its cover. The same holds true for Anam Hashmi. The pretty girl-next-door is just another bubbly college girl in her normal attire, but give her a motorbike