Sebastian Vettel’s Facebook status after the Italian GP

Our reporters happens to be friends with the the triple world champion Sebastian Vettel on Facebook. Here's what he posted right after winning the Italian GP.   Do let us know what you think about Kimi Raikkonen being BJP's 2014 PM candidate? Do you think he's better than Narendra Modi and Lal

Who will drive for Ferrari in 2014?

Image Credit: GEPA / Red Bull Content PoolA lot of talk has been going around about Ferrari's second seat. Felipe Massa has been besides himself since he got knocked out by the spring in 2009. In fact, the same rumours circled the Brazilian last year too but he eventually managed

Belgium GP: The Grand Prix of Records

If you don't want to waste time reading the entire blog, here's the long and short of it: Warmup Lap, Huge banner on grandstand, Start, Vettel leads, Vettel's record, pitstop round 1, Grosjean's record, Alonso's pace, Raikkonen's record, pitstop round 2, Maldonado acting like a lunatic, i.e. being himself, world

Belgium GP: Pitlane penalties

Whoever wrote the script of Belgium GP has to be someone who's fond of action movies - the kinds where cars slide, screech, jump over and run into one another. Even the slowest part of the track - the pit lane wasn't spared. Besides the heartbreak and grim reaction on

Belgium GP: Is Romain Grosjean’s penalty fair?

Rookie driver Romain Grosjean was responsible for causing a multi-car pileup at the first corner of Belgium GP. The Lotus driver started the race from 4th row on the grid on P8, alongside Lewis Hamilton. As the red lights went off, he moved left to get ahead of Lewis Hamilton

Red Bull Racing: The Season So Far

After a very topsy-turvy first half that was filled with drama, excitement, tension and controversy, Formula One is taking a much required break. So before we head back to the race track, let’s take a quick look at the season so far. For the champions - Red Bull Racing, and their

Predictions vs. Current Scenario

Formula One universe is right now enjoying it's mid-season break. While it's a much needed break for the drivers and team personnel, most F1 fans are showing withdrawal symptoms. We're at the halfway mark with 11 races behind us and 9 more to go. Many fans and experts have given their

2012 Australian GP: McLaren pressed the right Button

After the more-surprising-than-expected qualifying session of the first race of the season, the starting grid looked curious since the front row lacked Christian Horner's bulls. The front row was locked by the McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton (P1) & Jenson Button (P2), while the 2nd row had surprises in the form

Force India drivers’ thoughts ahead of the 2012 season

Paul thinks McLaren should be worried, while Nico is looking forward to a wet race After weeks of driver speculations, unveiling of ugly noses and crash tests, the 2012 season is finally here. Well, almost. Pre-season Jerez & Barcelona Testing is also done and now everyone's waiting for the real

2011 Belgium GP: As exciting as sex!

Being a Formula One enthusiast, life is not easy. It comes with its fair share of problems. You see, there are 3 types of people in this world. Type 1: They are the ones who think, F1 is only about a bunch of weird looking cars going round and round in