Aras Gibieza: Third Time Lucky

From Salman Khan riding bike to Aras stunting in 43°C, the Gixxer Day tour was an eventful one Aras Gibieza is no stranger to the Indian soil. He toured India twice in 2015 entertaining audiences in nearly a dozen cities; owing to the affection and the fandom that he received during

What’s a Trials Bike?

A low-down on the Trial biking legend Dougie Lampkin's ride Out of all the competitive two-wheeler championships, the tools of trade of drag racing and Trials Biking have the most distinct look. Today, we take a look at what’s actually holding up that tiny frame and those giant wheels. Not gum

Dougie Does Goa

Trial legend Dougie Lampkin decided to turn Goa into his obstacle course. We kept the camera rolling. Dougie Lampkin is a rockstar in the world of Trial Biking. His trophy cabinet is filled with a dozen-odd Indoor and Outdoor Trial Biking Grammies. You might mistake his 6’ 2” frame to lack nimbleness but