Dakar 2017 was CS Santosh’s coming of age

A detailed analysis of CS Santosh's third Dakar outing Every year in January, a bunch of off-road enthusiasts – the world’s toughest ones, to be fair – packs their bags and heads to South America for an adventure known as the Dakar Rally. Covering almost 10000 km of the toughest

CS Santosh: Chasing Rainbows

What's life without the possibility of a seemingly impossible challenge? ~ CS Santosh India: It’s not just a country of a billion people, it’s also a country starved of athletes; and world class Motorsport athletes come few and far between. Hence, with a lack of infrastructure and too few competitive rallies,

The Indian who tamed Dakar: CS Santosh

One in a billion CS Santosh unfurls tiranga at Dakar’s finish line. First Indian to do so. CS Santosh recently eclipsed the epitome of endurance racing – the Dakar. And if you’re unaware of that then you’ve either been living under a rock or a mountain. Over the years, Santosh has

An Indian First

CS Santosh becomes the first Indian to finish in top 10 at the Cross-Country Rallies World C’ship Over the decades, there were numerous cross-country rallies all over the world. In 1999, FIM unified all of these one-off rallies and created a Word Cup which was later christened as World Championship in