CS Santosh: Chasing Rainbows

What’s life without the possibility of a seemingly impossible challenge? ~ CS Santosh

India: It’s not just a country of a billion people, it’s also a country starved of athletes; and world class Motorsport athletes come few and far between. Hence, with a lack of infrastructure and too few competitive rallies, it takes superhuman effort to sprout through the vines and blossom at the international stage. Despite the setbacks, CS Santosh managed to unfurl the Tiranga at arguably the toughest race ever – Dakar Rally.

People know that Santosh returned to the Cross Country Rallies World Championship after getting third degree burns the year earlier, and that he became the first Indian to finish Dakar. They also know that he’s the best in the business out of 1.3 billion. But what they don’t know is why he does what he does. What makes him wake up every morning and get on his bike and ride hard. Because every day, whether he’s riding in Dakar or at his Motocross Park; he’s chasing the rainbows.

Why Chasing Rainbows?

As a kid I watched the ‘On Any Sunday’ documentary and there they’ve mention that when you reach the finish line, you don’t always receive grand celebrations or trophies. If not money, if not fame then what are you riding for? What are you chasing? You’re chasing the rainbows. ~ CS Santosh

So sit back, hit play and enjoy! For this is CS Santosh Chasing Rainbows.